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31 January 2029 @ 09:28 pm

Minna!! Annisa desu!
Welcome to my LiveJournal!!

i really like to post about my day..

and i really like to have more friends!!

well,, i'm really interested with johnny entertaiment..


my OT3 is.. DaiShiMaru!!(Daiki,Shige,Nakamaru) i make that OT3.. he..he...

we know that i like to have more friend.. so.. Add me is Allowed!!

but if you can,please give me comment on this entry..

Onegaishimasu ^^
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2 June (Monday)
Today’s schedule is Universal Studios! Only me and my sister because my parents want to go to Hiroshima. We departed from the hotel at 9 am and arrived at slightly 10 am, it’s already full of people! It was Monday but that doesn’t mean that it will be less crowded.

The first thing we did was to get a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Timed Ticket. It’s necessary if we want to enter this Harry Potter World. We get the ticket to enter at 13:30 – 14:30 pm. Until that time we went to Back to The Future Ride and Backdraft.

We spent half day at Harry Potter World, it’s really feel like a different theme park although Harry Potter World is a part of Universal Studios. My sister who really like Harry Potter since it first book bought a Slytherin cloak for 13000 yen! But it is a nice and "real" cloak

We had our lunch at Three Broomsticks Restaurant, my sister told me that it is a restaurant in Harry Potter book. As can be expected, Everything is quite expensive. We paid 3800 yen for 2 set meal and 1 drink. We also try ,a famous drink in there, Butterbeer. It is a non-alcoholic drink. Taste so sweet like butter (?) .

the main ride is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I really want to try that ride but the waiting time is 4 hours! Then my sister and I decided to skip that ride :( . there also a japan event in USJ that time. We saw Shingeki no Kyojin statue and they also sold their cloak.

At around 5 pm, our feet already hurt so we decided to exit the park. But before we went back to hotel, we visited Kyocera Osaka Dome hopping there will be an Arashi Waku Waku Gakkou sign or something. Too bad there is nothing Arashi or Hey Say JUMP related -__- .

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Hello ~~ it’s been a looong since my last story.
Today I want to make a review about my last trip to japan XD it’s been 6 years since my last trip to japan and I’m really thankful that I got a chance to come back there.

31 May (Saturday)
I went to japan with my family. We went to Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at 9 pm (30 may) eventhough the plane boarding at 00.05 am. It didn’t go straight to kansai airport, we have to make a stop first at Hong Kong International Airport.

Finally, we arrived at kansai airport at 3 am (japan time). We used “Haruka” train that goes straight from Kansai Airport to Shin – Osaka Station. After we arrived at Shin – Osaka Station, we went to our hotel in Shin – Osaka Station Hotel. It’s around 10 minutes by walk from station.
After checked – in and put our luggage in our room, we went to Dotonbori. We used subway from Shin – Osaka Station to Namba Station. It was sooo crowded, maybe because that day was saturday. My parents almost got separated from me and my sister. The crowd is no joking.

When we arrived at dotonbori the first thing I want to see is Glico Man sign, this glico sign is very famous in osaka, a “must see” maybe? .  and apperently there’s Nino billboard in front of glico man! (heaven) .

after taking several picture, we went to italian restaurant (it’s the first restaurant we found in the hectic place). In there, I saw a group of people on a “goukon” . it’s the first time I see something like that haha.

After we finished our dinner we went to Don Quijote and went back to our hotel.

1 June (Sunday)
The next day, we went to Kyoto by Tokaido Shinkansen. There we rent a bicycle at KYOTO ECO TRIP and had a trip around kyoto.
We went to Fushima Inari Shrine and gion. I don’t see any geisha tought ._. . i also met Ninomiya Kinjirou XD

at 2 pm we returned the bike and went to Bamboo Forest by train. it is really beautiful.

We took shinkansen back to osaka at 5 pm and had dinner at restaurant near hotel.
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31 May 2013 @ 06:45 pm
my first post in a year! wow....

fuuuuh~ oke.... first, i'm officially graduated from 61 senior high school on March 27th! YAAAAAAAY! sekarang statusnya udah bukan murid lagi tapi bakal berganti jadi mahasiswa.... jadi sedih :'( tapi baguslah, masa mau jadi murid terus haha

Me and friends at 61 SHS Graduation

and on that day, diumumin juga tuh yg keterima di PTN lewat SNMPTN 2013 (atau dulu di sebutnya undangan/PMDK) dan ternyata.... di terima di FTI ITB! wih waktu baca itu seneng banget rasanya, soalnya waktu ngisi gambling banget. cuman ngisi 1 PTN 1 jurusan, eh alhamdulillah dapet >/////<
tapi sedih juga... soalnya masih banyak temen lain yg ngga dapet dan masih harus berjuang sebagai Laskar Tulis di SBMPTN 2013. walaupun katanya yg dapet undangan udah gaperlu bimbel, tapi rasanya pengen tetep masuk dan nemenin semuanya yg sedang berjuang (walau ga bakal guna juga sih). semoga semua bisa diterima di PTN sesuai keinginan mereka amiiiin 0:)

kembali ke kampus masa depan di ITB, yaa... semua juga tau kalo kuliah di ITB itu susah, pasti susah. tapi pas daftar SNMTPN, tetep aja nekat milih ITB... dan pas udah beneran keterima, seneng iya tapi yang paling banyak dirasakan sekarang itu takutnya. (baru lulus, masuk aja belom, takutya udah heboh =_=). setelah ngadain ketemuan sama kakak2 ITB alumni 61 2012 pas hari rabu, terus baca-baca blog orang yang kuliah di sana. katanya ITB tuh susah banget, mana yang masuk yang pinter-pinter, apalagi FTI isinya anak osn semua -_- (gak semua juga sih...) terus di FTI tuh persaingannya kuat banget, karena sebagai besar pengen masuk Teknik Kimia (ya, di ITB masih ada penjurusan gak kayak univ lain yang emang udah pasti pas pertama masuk). huuu takut bangeeet >_< aku juga milih FTI karena Teknik Kimia nya.. pas tau gitu.. langsung ciut deh.. mana IP minimal buat masuk situ harus 3.5... 3.5? di ITB? *nangis*

semoga sesusah apapun, bisa dijalanin dengan baik deh... amiiin....

yak, sampai disini dulu post-an terbaru setelah 1 tahun ._.v
OSIS Iva Grhita Apalaska Subhate & SMAN 61 Jakarta Proudly Present:
             CREATION(Culture Fest at Sixty One Senior High School)   

    Knowing Other Countries' Culture were making Us Peace and Love Each Other
      dilaksanakan pada:
 25 Maret 2012 (lomba) dan 7 April 2012 (Festival)
     08.00 – 16.00 WIB   
Jl. Taruna Pahlawan Revolusi, Pondok Bambu, Jakarta Timur 13460
  Akan ada:
·Lomba Kreasi Daur Ulang
·Galeri Budaya Jepang, Perancis, Inggris dan Cina
·Lomba Shiritori, Manga dan Fanfiction
 Lomba Makan
·Rumah Hantu Jepang (Obake)
· Bon odori
On the spot: Rp 8000
Pre-sale: Rp 5000

Shiritori Competition (Rp 15rb/tim)
Manga Competition (Rp 20rb/org)
Fanfiction Competition (Rp 15rb/org)

Pendaftaran dibuka:
26 feb-23 mar 2012
untuk info lebih lanjut : http://creationsman61jakarta.blogspot.com/

For more information:
Keisha (28BC0D81, 08567850302)
Wanda(28B8AA47, 085717713257)
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01 January 2012 @ 01:01 pm

            "Let's Forget the sad memories and cherish the important memories from 2011"            

well... time fly really fast nee.. there's so much things happen last year. such as AFS, Japanese speech competition, my birthday, and many more. in 2009, 2010, or 2011 my day is always full with arashi/ johnny's. and i hope this year too i can enjoy watching them ^^ . i hope all my wishes last year can be fulfill this year.

now, i will tell about my day when spending last day on 2011 XD
me and my sister made a plan 2 weeks before, that we will watch New Year's Eve on theater.

so yesterday me, my sister, and my cousin went to grand indonesia at 5 pm. we bought a ticket for 10 pm show. why we come so early? because my parents say that there will be traffic around grand indonesia at 6/7 pm till dawn because it new year's eve. to kill some time we came to gramedia book store and read comics there. i read 3-4 comics in 2 hours then we went out because there's an announcement that gramedia will close faster at 7 pm. after that we ate our dinner and went to game center. when it's finally 9 pm we went back to the theater and wait there. we saw many fireworks from different places, it was very beautiful. at 10 pm we went in to the studio. watching "New Year's Eve at new year's eve is really something ^^. i'm really enjoyed the movie. when we went out from the studio it's already 1.30 am, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

i'm disappointed because i can't watch kouhaku and johnny's countdown live but i will watch it when someone upload it hehe.

Well then.. once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

                      May all your wishes come true this year ^0^   
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19 August 2011 @ 04:53 am

Entry post kali ini, saya akan membahas tentang sekolah saya yaitu, SMAN 61 JAKARTA

SMA 61 adalah sekolah rintisan bertaraf internasional / RSBI yang bertempat di Jalan Taruna Pahlawan Revolusi Duren sawit, Jakarta timur. Saya telah berekolah di sini selama 1 tahun lebih. dikelas 10, saya menempati kelas X.2 dan sekarang saya menempati kelas XI IPA 4. 

SMA 61 terkenal dengan outputnya yang baik. banyak murid murid lulusan SMA 61 yang mendapatkan PTN terkenal.
SMA 61 telah berdiri sejak tahun 1981. ini adalah urutan kepala sekolah sejak tahun 1981 - sekarang :

* Drs. Sujono Kuslan Juli 1980 - September 1985
* Drs. Atik Kosasih September 1985 - Juli 1990
* Halimah Harahap Juli 1990 - September 1995
* Drs. Suyanto, MM September 1995 - Agustus 1998
* Dra. Hj. Syamsinar Munaf, MM Agustus 1999 - Agustus 2002
* Drs. Muchlis Muchtar, M.Pd September 2002 - Mei 2004
* Dra. Hj. Mastucha, M.Sc., MM Juni 2004 - Mei 2005
* Dra. Hj. Asrida, M.Pd Mei 2005 - Desember 2008
* Dra. Hj. Hasnati Ramli, M.Pd Desember 2008 - sekarang

Di sekolah ini kita belajar efektif selama kurang lebih 8 jam. kurikulumnya pun sudah ditata sedemikian rupa. 
tidak hanya intrakurikulernya yang bagus, tetapi Ekstrakurikulernya pun telah menyumbangkan banyak perestasi untuk SMAN 61. Ekstrakurikuler yg ada diantaranya :
* Rohani Islam
* Rohani Kristen
* Paskibra
* Pramuka/prapalansa
* Sinematografi
* Basket
* Voli
* Pencak Silat
* Seni Tari
Bahasa Jepang <-------- Eskul ku ^0^
* Bahasa Jerman
* Bahasa Mandarin
* English Club
* Mading
* Fotografi
* Paduan Suara
* Futsal
* Band

Fasilitas yang terdapat adalah:
* Ruangan kelas sebanyak 20 buah dengan pendingin ruangan
* Ruang piket
* Ruang kepala sekolah
* Ruang wakil kepala sekolah
* Ruang tata usaha
* Ruang data
* Ruang UKS dan praktek dokter
* Ruang audio-visual
* Ruang bimbingan konseling
* Ruang guru
* Ruang OSIS
* Toilet pria dan wanita
* Laboratorium Biologi
* Laboratorium Fisika
* Laboratorium Kimia
* Laboratorium Komputer
* Laboratorium Bahasa
* Masjid
* Perpustakaan
* Green House
* Lapangan basket, voli, bulu tangkis, dan sepak bola
* Lapangan parkir motor dan mobil
* Koperasi Siswa
* Koperasi Sekolah
* Kantin

KLIK DISINICollapse ) Untuk melihat foto-foto seputar SMAN 61 JAKARTA

Prestasi prestasi yang pernah di raih SMAN 61 Jakarta adalah sebagai berikut :
* Sebagai sekolah terbersih se-DKI Jakarta
* Peringkat satu dalam ujian antar SMA Unggulan dan Pendamping
* Peringkat 1 UN SMA se-Jakarta Timur 2010
* Peringkat 1 UN Matematika SMA se-DKI Jakarta 2010

Di SMAN 61, terdapat kelas IPA dan kelas IPS. utnuk kelas IPA berjumlah 4 kelas dan untuk kelas IPS berjumlah 2 kelas. 

saya sangat bangga dan senang bisa bersekolah disini. sampai saat ini, banyak kenangan tak terlupakan selama saya bersekolah di sini. misalnya saat LDKS, mos, memenangkan lompa pidato jepang satu sekolah, menjadi wakil ketua pertama semenjak 4 tahun terakhir untuk eskul Bahasa Jepang, dan lainnya.
pada saat ini, SMAN 61 sedang dalam masa proses pembangunan. tampilan lama diubah menjadi baru, dan beberapa fasilitas pun ditambahkan. smoga SMAN 61 yang baru ini membuat saya semakin bangga dapat bersekolah disini ^^
bila berbicara mengenai fasilitas, sekolah ini memiliki fasilitas absensi baru yaitu finger print. ya, seperti yg sering digunakan di perusahaan perusahaan besar. dengan alat ini kita dengan mudah mengabsen hanya dengan menscan sidik jari. alat finger print ini terletak di pintu masuk SMAN 61.
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13 March 2011 @ 07:34 am

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